Commonwealth Classics Launches Bespoke Defender Line

Marshall, Virginia-based Commonwealth Classics has been a destination for those seeking grey market vehicles since 2014, and with their latest venture, they aim to solidify this position by introducing a line of re-imagined Land Rover Defenders for the more discerning and affluent enthusiast.

Teaming up with Portuguese Land Rover workshop Unique Masterpieces, Commonwealth now allows clients to build the Defender that not only fulfills their wildest fantasies, but does so in an understated way that’s equal parts Solihull and Crewe.

photo by Commonwealth Classics

This new venture is certainly a robust one, complete with an extensive list of variables that will allow for true customization of each vehicle, whether the starting point be a 90, a 110 Station Wagon or Pickup, or a 130.

Commonwealth Line vehicles start at $120,000. For additional information, please visit Commonwealth Classics online, here.